The Lung Cancer Consortium Singapore (LCCS) was first established to bring together the clinical and research community in advancing the diagnosis and management of thoracic cancers. The need to set up the Consortium was driven by differences in lung cancer profiles and survival outcomes observed between the East and West. LCCS was formally set up in 2007 across public hospitals, with the aim of building infrastructure to promote and support nationwide collaboration for lung cancer research. This collaboration was further extended to researchers in the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) in 2013, with the funding support from MOH National Medical Research Council (NMRC). Today, LCCS is broadly divided into two arms, research and education. It continues to provide an important framework for thoracic oncology research in Singapore, and also has a growing emphasis on promoting education to both physicians and the public via events and forums.


  • Vision:
    • To improve survival outcomes of lung cancer patients through research and collaboration
  • Mission:
    • To establish and maintain a comprehensive database of lung cancer cases in Singapore
    • To promote nation-wide collaboration among various healthcare institutions in Singapore towards lung cancer research
    • To increase physician and public awareness about lung cancer management and other initiatives in Singapore


  • Research:
    We conduct research to build up local real world lung cancer database, collect specimen for biomarker discovery and disease status monitoring, as well as study gene-environmental interactions to identify risk factors pertaining to lung cancer.
  • LEAP:
    We aim to support and empower patients through education in their cancer journey, increase awareness about lung cancer and promote patient advocacy.
  • Physician Engagement:
    We bring together clinicians in different specialities from both public and private hospitals/clinics, as well as scientists from research institutions across the nation, to collaborate and fight lung cancer, with the aim to improve lung cancer patient care.